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The purpose of this wiki site is to create a searchable dedicated site for the people, places, events and other attributes that make up the poetry fabric of Arizona. This site had previously existed and was spammed to death several years ago, so this is it's rebirth. The site is maintained by Anthology, inc., a literary non profit based in Mesa, AZ.

Getting Started

The Wiki is organized in several categories, including but not limited to Poets, Venues, Events, Community, Performances, Media Releases (albums, etc.) and Poems. Using the search bar at the top is the easiest way to find what you are looking for.

Adding Content

Adding content can be done via email. You can send an email with the content your would like to add to There is some information that would help us to make a more effective article. We cover that in the AZPoetryPedia Submission Format Article.

Managing Updates

Updates are managed by volunteers, so it may take some time for them to make the edit or addition you have submitted. Editors are nominated at the annual Caucus, and approved by the Anthology, inc. Board of Directors. Editors may contact you regarding your submission.